Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ice Cream!!!

Although it hasn’t been all that warm up here lately – some places along the 49th parallel had snow last week – there’s nothing that kids love more on a summer day than ice cream.

While we can’t go to either of the local parlours, we can still enjoy peanut-free ice cream at home, thanks to Chapman’s. They are well aware of the joy that could be missed by children not being able to eat a favourite summer treat, so they produce not only peanut-free ice cream, but also lactose-free treats, and all of their original flavours (2L and 4L containers) are gluten-free as well. Check out their nutrition page for more information. They even have individual-sized treats which make it cheaper to pick up on the go than going to an ice cream parlour anyways. :)

MMMmmm, Dutch Chocolate.

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