Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Everyday Awareness

This weekend we took off on a mini-vacation.

Krystyne’s mother booked a condo for the week but due to a conference in Toronto, she wouldn’t be able to arrive in time for check-in. So we drove about two hours northwest up to Georgian Manor Resort in Collingwood to condo-sit for a few days.

While we were there we got to swim … a lot (one time for 3 hours straight), and revisited one of the fossil sites we went to last summer. However this time, the tide was in and even though it was about a month later in the year than our last trip; let me just say that Lake Huron was a little cold.

LakeHuron tide’s in … no fossil-hunting today

Liam wears his Epi-Pens in a pouch wherever we go – unless we’re at home or there’s a possibility he might get them wet; then they’re close by. While we were stopped at the nearest Tim Horton’s so the boys could go to the washroom (hey, I said the water was cold), a woman started asking about the No Peanuts for Me sign on Liam’s pouch strap.



We explained that it contained a cell phone and two Epi-Pens, along with an Epi-Pen trainer. Krystyne then took out the trainer, explained its use to the woman and gave it to her so she could “use” it on her own leg.

We were thankful for this lighter side reaction to Liam’s peanut allergy. With what seems like a more militant aversion to food allergies rearing its head around us (such as the infamous school secretary’s blog), it’s always welcome to be able to discuss Liam’s allergy openly and honestly.

Oh yeah – we also got to help a snapping turtle off the road and back to the nearby pond when we got back to the condo.

turtle the turtle’s saying “bye” to Keeghan

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