Friday, June 12, 2009

Allergy Cure Part II

So yesterday, Krystyne went to talk with a naturopath that claims she can cure Liam’s peanut allergy.

Obviously this piqued our curiosity when we heard it a few weeks ago. First off, the procedure does not involve feeding him any peanuts unlike the UK study. The naturopath (Donna) buys the allergens in sealed vials – and that’s how they stay. The treatment is called Bioenergetic Intolerance Elimination, which Donna describes on her website here.

A friend of ours recently had her son tested and found that he was allergic to milk. After taking treatments with Donna he shows no more symptoms. During her consultation with Krystyne, Donna explained that some of the people her teachers had treated brought peanuts with them on their last visit and didn’t even wait until they left the waiting room to start munching.

Although I don’t think we’ll be trying that, the treatment sessions with Donna are non-invasive and don’t present the risk to Liam’s life that other feed ‘em and watch ‘em treatments would. Since we already know his allergy levels from our visits to the allergist, Donna says that we can go right to the treatment (“clearing”) and save the testing for the end. It may take up to a year for the protein to fully leave Liam’s system, but we have regular appointments with our allergist each September.

We’ll definitely be updating you on the progress and results from this one!

To read Part One of this stream, click here. For more information on Bioelectric Intolerance Elimination, see the Institute of Natural Health Technologies website here.


  1. How did this go? I have a 4 year old with a Tree Nut allergy and am looking into this treatment option.

  2. So its been 3 years... where's the update on whether or not this procedure worked? Its virtually impossible to pin down someone who's had the procedure and can actually validate its claims. I want to take some BIE myself, but not if its a waste of money.