Monday, June 8, 2009

A Cure for Food Allergies?

A friend of ours recently took their child to a naturopath for allergy testing and found that among other things, he was allergic to milk. The naturopath then asked if our friend would like her to “fix that”. She then explained the method of treating the allergy with an electromagnetic device, which they did, and her son then tested as negative to the previous food allergens. When the treatment was over our friend told the naturopath about Liam’s allergy and its severity. She was then told that “I can help him too”. Needless to say we were a little curious.

Since then we started looking through the Internet for other similar stories and found this one, in which a sceptic was offered the same treatment and after a few sessions claims to be “cured” from food allergies, to the point that they can now eat food with any of their previous allergens in any combination.

Krystyne and I are familiar with the practice of a doctor or chiropractor pushing down on our outstretched arm to determine which parts of our spine are out of alignment. We had been adjusted this way by our chiropractor before we moved to Uxbridge. However, we had not heard of this process for allergy treatments. Apparently there is the added component of an electromagnetic resonance involved as well.

Either way, Krystyne has a consultation appointment with our friend’s naturopath later this month to look further into this. The naturopath has said that the testing/treatment does not involve actual peanuts so we don’t expect a danger to Liam, whether or not this works – which is a major difference from the “feed them a peanut” trials. If the electromagnetic treatment does work – even the lessening of the allergy so that Liam is no longer airborne allergic – this would be such a change to Liam’s – and our – life.

We’ll keep you updated on what we find out from the naturopath.

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