Sunday, July 5, 2009

Allergies on Trial

I read an article this morning regarding immunotherapy for treating food allergies and found it interesting that out of all of the reports posted on trials involving ‘training’ the body to tolerate allergens by feeding a small amount to the participant, this was one of the few that even mentions that some participants are unable to continue due to severe reactions.

Many well-meaning friends mention these studies to us or pass along clippings that they’ve found in the paper. Each time we thank them, but knowing that Liam has anaphylactic reactions to 10ppm of peanut protein, there is no way that he could participate in any of them.

But we are looking into another option – some naturopaths are offering immunotherapy that does not involve ingesting any nut protein whatsoever. A friend of ours whose son tested allergic to milk has seen no symptoms at all since a few short treatments with her naturopath. We will be looking into this further, even if it can improve his trigger levels. If you want to investigate it as well, check out some of my earlier posts on this (here and here) or go to the website for the Institute for Natural Health Technologies for more information on BioEnergetic Intolerance Elimination.

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