Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Restaurant List

Krystyne enjoys baking, so we often have a supply of goodies to help feed our sweet tooth cravings. We (yes, me too) also enjoy baking bread from scratch. Since bakery foods are off-limits to us (and even more so to other people with gluten allergies), we often make our own specialty breads – multigrain, sourdough, oat and honey, as well as the standard white and whole wheat. The joy of baking at home is that you can control the ingredients, but what about when we choose to eat out as a family? For that reason, I would like to post the allergy information from some of the restaurants we visit to help you in making safe choices for your own family.

Please Note: The materials provided are current at the time of posting and are for informational purposes only. Restaurant management, food-handling procedures, and ingredients are subject to change, so please confirm the information with restaurant management and inform your server of any allergies before ordering. We do not accept responsibility for any allergic reactions to products served at these restaurants.

Unless otherwise noted, all information listed is for restaurants in Canada.

Restaurants for the boys

Restaurants for Mommy and Daddy
When the boys aren’t with us, we are able – but not necessarily willing – to  eat products with trace amounts of peanuts, so we stick to a short list of restaurants where we avoid menu items with nuts.

Local Shout-Outs
There are a few places in our area that we have frequented in which we have had enjoyable experiences with peanut-safe food items. I’d like to list them here as well.

  • East Side Mario’s, Stouffville
    After the manager informed us that his location does not serve some of the items that other franchises serve in order to maintain a peanut-safe restaurant, we have gone many times – even for a birthday party.  For other locations, all of the franchises have an Ingredients Listing Manual which lists all of the ingredients in their core menu items.
  • Wild Wing, Uxbridge
    A house with 4 men in it has to have chicken wings. We often get take-out from here. We haven’t gone past the wings, onion rings and fries on the menu yet, but when the local one opened, they told us that the only nuts on the premises were the people that worked there and pre-packaged desserts for the kids. Their corporate menu changes often, so make sure to keep the communication open!
  • Canadian Pizza House, Uxbridge
    A great place for pizza-by-the-slice when you’re in a hurry. Great prices, too!
  • Jade’s Finest Chinese Food, Stouffville
    Our favourite Chinese food place! They take extra care to make sure of no cross-contamination when we order. Excellent food and unbelievable prices!
  • Cutie Pies & Cakes, Sandford
    If you’re looking for a cake or other baked goods for a birthday, wedding, shower, or conference you can’t go wrong here! Suzie’s a good friend who also ensures no cross-contamination when you ask for peanut-free goods.

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