Friday, May 22, 2009

Read That Label – Part Two

On a recent shopping trip we picked up some pre-packed kits of Dole’s Asian Crunch salad, which are now called Asian Island Crunch. We have often bought these in the past and since they were on sale, we bought a few of them. It wasn’t until we got them home and started to get them ready for a quick lunch that we noticed they are now packaged with almonds – which was only listed on the front of the package in small print under the product name. We quickly cleaned up the counters and later gave the unopened kits to a friend of ours.

There’s more proof – even to us – that you need to read the label every single time. What was “safe” before may become “unsafe”, and the reverse is true as well. Last Christmas we started to see “safe” batches of After Eight chocolates – Nestle confirmed that they had sent peanut-free batches out, but read the label to make sure.

But back to the salad kits … A customer service agent at Dole confirmed that the Asian Island Crunch salad kits are made in a different plant than the other non-nut kits in the Dole product line to avoid cross-contamination. So we may have lost our favourite of those kits, but at least we can still enjoy others!

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