Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Eating out Allergen-Free

I’ve noticed a number of visits to the website through Google searches for peanut-free restaurants in Canada.

Earlier on in my blog I listed a number of restaurants that we tend to frequent as a family, which provide either peanut-free menus or peanut-allergy-friendly options.

There’s a restaurant in town called “Frankie’s Ristorante”, which prides itself on being 100% gluten- and wheat- free. As well, they are a peanut-free and nut-free environment. We haven’t been yet, but have heard nothing but great reviews from our friends. As their website states, “We feel that anyone, with almost any food sensitivity, should be able to eat an enjoyable, fulfilling and tasty meal without the risk of cross-contamination.”

List Update …

Also, Wild Wing originally listed in Uxbridge has undergone a makeover. The owners remain the same, but they are no longer a part of the aforementioned franchise. Now called Clem’s Custom Wings, they allow you to customize (fancy that) your wing order. For example …

1 & 1/2 lbs of original wings, tossed in Frank’s Red Hot sauce and blue cheese dressing, and dusted in Southern Heat BBQ spice.


This was my first foray into their menu, and I wasn’t disappointed. You get to choose the type of wing (boneless or bone-in), what topping(s) to toss, coat, and/or dust them in, and a plethora of sides and beverages to match.

And our favourite heart attack waiting to happen …


Some people may mistake this for poutine, but this is more. This is fries with cheese, gravy, and … wait for it … bacon!

… like I said, our favourite heart attack waiting to happen.

So if you’re in the Uxbridge area, check out either of these fine eateries. And, by the way, Clem’s is also in Port Perry.

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  1. Noticed a lot of traffic coming to this page from people searching for Clem's Wings specifically.

    If you're looking for contact info ...

    Clem's Custom Wing Shop, Uxbridge: 905-852-4004
    Clem's Custom Wing Shop, Port Perry: 905-985-6500