Thursday, September 24, 2009

Peanut-Free Field Trip

Krystyne often volunteers at the boys' school. From baking to shopping for peanut-free snacks to chaperoning field trips, she's a regular in the halls.

Recently, Keeghan's cross country group had a meet at another school and Krystyne volunteered to drive some of the students. Before she left, she printed up some small signs on cardstock to place inside the van to mark it as a "peanut-free zone". Since Liam is trace-amount allergic nuts are allowed nowhere near our house or car.

The kids' reactions were cool. They noticed the signs right away, and asked if the stuff that they had brought with them was ok. They thought it was great that there were alternative, peanut-free snacks in the van just in case something needed to be replaced.

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