Thursday, August 13, 2009

Scary Statistics

According to an article in the Fall 2009 Allergic Living magazine, there are many, many, potentially dangerous misconceptions about food allergies. A study done last February surveyed 2000 Americans about their knowledge surrounding food allergies.

The numbers …

  • 46% thought there is a cure for food allergies
  • 66% thought daily medication can prevent allergic reactions
  • 50% thought a milk allergy is the same as lactose intolerance
  • 51% didn’t know allergies run in families
  • 41% were aware that egg allergies are common in children
  • 33% felt allergic children should have separate lunch tables

With the new school year fast approaching, it is imperative that we as parents of food-allergic children find a way to raise awareness on the seriousness of food allergies. The difficulty is in not becoming militant in our concern for our own child(ren)’s safety and in so doing, alienate and anger those with whom we need to cooperate.

The survey also showed that while most people believe that schools should have food-allergy policies, two-thirds thought it would be unfair if their own child could not bring a peanut-butter sandwich to school. Scary stuff.

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